Sometimes I Feel Like That Inside of Me | Kamilia Kard

Sometimes I Feel Like That Inside of Me is a video work by artist Kamilia Kard that investigates the relationship between outer and inner space, reality and imagination, body and soul, apparent calm and emotional turmoil. In the video the same mental landscape, algid and calm, hosts two different narratives, generated in 3D animation: in the first scene a bust of a woman without head and joints is shaken by slow and repetitive movements; suddenly in the same disturbing atmosphere appears a herd of wild animals, including bears, wolves, wild boars and deers, which seem trapped in a loop of fast movements and in sudden and intermittent jerks.

The contrast between the two scenes can also be read through their creative process: the female bust is the result of a patient modeling work, the animals is animated by a glitch, a surprising and unpredictable error generated by the program. Furthermore, while the woman’s body – as gray as the environment she inhabits – suggests a statue or an ancient find, the animals are colorful and photorealistic.

This opposition raises a possible question: what is imagination and what is reality? What is emotional and what is descriptive? Are these two dimensions that impenetrable? The title, a phrase produced online by generator for “emo” status for social media, suggests that the inner space is represented by the animal horde, but the work also keeps the door open to a reversal of perspectives.

Kamilia Kard, Sometimes I Feel Like That Inside of Me, 2018
HD video
© the artist