Myxomycetes are a particular type of mould, unicellular organisms whose growth and life is formed by a continuous succession of stages and transformations. Spread all over the world and in very different environments, these organisms are the origin of Mimosa Echard’s research project started in 2019. The french artist , born in 1986, lives and works in Paris and over the years went deep inside her research in which the organic world of microbiotics meets and joins a queer universe. The almost monumental canvas that the artist has created for the solo exhibition at the Palais De Tokyo seems to retrace the process of development and growth of myxomycetes as a basis on which carrying out the research that distinguishes it. The work is the example of a continuous transformation, never equal to itself and living from the assemblage of different constituent parts.

The work, which occupies practically the entire exhibition space, like a gigantic marquee, was made with patchwork of both organic and industrial materials, collected by the artist and then sewn together to form a network. The surface of the cloth does not reveal a beggining or and end as much as the interaction and cohesion of different elements and materials, in a sort of magma built artfully. The ambiguous identity of this fabric is amplified by a series of lights that alter the nature of colors, offering a series of visual experiments in which dazzling and fluorescent details appear and disappear on the surface. This installation is completed by a projection of some sequences taken from the video game Sporal , created by Echard: the succession of digital images that run along the heterogeneous surface of the curtain are able to generate an environment in which you dive to be constantly amazed by new details, new developments and appearances. Sporal, putting together works of different natures (beside the marquee, it is possible to see paintings and sculpture where organic elements are mixed with chains and glitter) generates an indefinable atmosphere in which the different languages of art are influenced.

The dreamy universe that lives and that can be lived inside the Parisian institution is in all respects an organism that is not possible to contain or constrain neither in a genre nor in a space, proposing future visions in which nature and technology come together as if to find a way out to the increasingly looming catastrophe, surrounds the viewer and disconnects him from the quiet flow of everyday life. Sporal is not a work, but a mysterious operation of appropriation and modification of space. Art as a vital process of growth, death and rebirth.

Sporal is the solo exhibition of Mimosa Echard curated by Daria de Beauvais on display at Palais de Tokyo in Paris. The exhibition will be visible until 4 September 2022.

Mimosa Echard,
Sporal (detail), exhibition view, season“Reclaim the Earth”, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France (2022).
Photo: Aurélien Mole. © Mimosa Echard/ADAGP



Mimosa Echard Exhibition Sporal, season “Reclaim the Earth”, Palais de Tokyo (15.04.2022 – 04.09.2022) © Photo: Aurélien Mole

Mimosa Echard
Exhibition Sporal, season “Reclaim the Earth”, Palais de Tokyo (15.04.2022 – 04.09.2022)
© Photo: Aurélien Mole