The series UNTITLED by Claudia Sinigaglia is an analysis of the dynamics of human aggregation: the project includes a series of pencil drawings on paper that portray crowded situations on the occasion of social events or appointments of daily life: football matches, vernissages of exhibitions, moments of waiting for the subway, summer days on the beach.

The only strokes left by the pencil mark the presence of people leaving a point for each body; what is evident in absentia, however, is the architecture of the space and the social context that welcomes the crowd and shapes the behavior of individuals, thus making the formations that the points have assumed on the sheet recognizable. This study allows us to observe general patterns of behavior and recurring dynamics that can also be represented through algorithms and mathematical equations, which here however have taken on a graphic form, similar to particles moving in a fluid.

In a historical moment in which it is not possible to observe collective behavior and that the motions of aggregation are not detectable, because not possible, Sinigaglia’s reflection on human behavior in relation to space, needs and daily habits is very relevant: it reminds us that we should really rethink the ways in which we inhabit space to re-establish sustainable dynamics of community living.

© Claudia Sinigaglia, Untitled (stadium), 2017
Pencil on paper
29,7×42 cm
ph Alessandro Zambianchi
courtesy Studio Pozzi